Apeks enters the Valorant stage

Has ambitions to secure participation in the Valorant Champions Tour.

Riot Games

The Norwegian organization that is primarily known for its two Counter-Strike teams announced today that it has taken in its first Valorant squad

The goal is to win

The popular shooting game from RIOT Games has, since its launch in 2020, had a violent development in both tournaments and player base. Apek’s new Valorent team will thus be seen in the Challenger tournaments later this year, where the goal is to win Ascension.

In his own press release, Apek’s new CEO, Espen Berg Knutsen, was able to say that the organization is proud and looking forward to being able to compete in Valorant.

-Riot Games has a track record in e-sports and is known for its high standards and quality work. Apeks is built on the fundamental goal of raising the standards in e-sports. We bring experience and professionalism from the traditional sport and love working with partners like Riot Games who reflect our ambition to improve the industry.

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