The PlayStation 5 is getting its own controller for disabled people

The Project Leonardo controller can be customized according to wishes and needs.

Introducing Project Leonardo for PlayStation 5: Perspectives from Accessibility Experts | PS5

It was back in 2018 that Microsoft and Xbox struck a blow for disabled gaming fans, with the highly adaptable game controller Xbox Adaptive Controller. Now Sony is following suit, with what the PlayStation maker is currently calling Project Leonardo

The new PlayStation 5 controller was officially unveiled at the CES technology fair. Project Leonardo, which is only a working title, is being described as Sony’s next step in making gaming more accessible to everyone – especially those unable to use a traditional controller.

While the Xbox Adaptive Controller lets gamers plug in their own controllers and buttons, Project Leonardo has a more fixed design. All buttons can still change position, and you can also adjust what the various buttons do in the game. Here you can also set it up so that one button presses two buttons at the same time, for games that require it.

-We landed on a two-part controller design that allows for almost free positioning of the left and right stick, can be used without having to hold it, and is very flexible in how to position buttons and sticks, explains Sony designer So Morimoto.

Sony further promises that the new controller can be combined with other PlayStation 5 accessories. For example, one can use the DualSense controller in the left hand, while Project Leonardo is controlled with the right hand, a foot or whatever suits the player best.

PlayStation hasn’t set a release date for Project Leonardo yet. The head of platform experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment says that the team is working further to test the product and gather feedback from players. More information will then be shared in due course.

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