Microsoft sets price of Xbox Series X/S games

Means higher price tags on games like Starfield and Redfall.

Microsoft is announcing this week that it will be raising the price of upcoming Xbox Series X/S games. Instead of 60 dollars, the price tag will be 70 dollars in the US from next year, the company reports.

“Starting in 2023, our new, next-generation and full-price games, including Forza Motorsport, Redfall and Starfield, will launch for $69.99 on all platforms,” an Xbox spokesperson told Eurogamer.

Bethesda Softworks

The increase has become necessary as game development becomes more expensive and more complex. The company also reminds that the games will continue to be available via the Game Pass subscription service.

The price reflects the content, the scale and the technical complexity that goes into these games. As with all games developed by our teams at Xbox, they will also be available with Game Pass on the day they launch.

Exactly what the price increase will mean for game fans here in Norway is currently unclear, but apparently you can expect to have to pay more for Xbox’s in-house developed games.

In this way, Microsoft follows other publishers who have already raised their prices. Sony pushed up the price of PlayStation 5 games back in 2020, along with Ubisoft and Take-Two, among others. Valve also recently announced a massive increase in recommended prices on the PC platform Steam.

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