Merry Christmas Gamers & TH3 R3ST!!!!

Hey ladies and gentlemen, I really really, and truly, on behalf of DarkWorld Games, it has been a wonderful year for me, a little emotionally also, since I’m the only one writing news here. But it`s good to know I’m not alone at least.

And there are people having nothing at all in life, and here we can sit safely behind our windows, in our offices, rooms, and play video games others could just DREAM OF in their entire LIFETIME. That makes me frustrated, but also very privileged, humble & very happy for the feedback on all the news I,ve did so far. No negativity so far!. I`ll guess i take that as a compliment =).

And with that let me remind you that we don’t take it for granted, and have extra joy gaming because we can :). And let others be as lucky as some of us. But we humans always complain. It`s in our nature. When you got 1 million you want 2, and so forth. The trick is to at least stop while your “head is above the water”.

With that we in DarkWorld Games & here in DarkWorld NetWork wanna wish you a Merry Christmas & a HAPPY NEW YEAR. FRESH NEWS COMING IN 2023, ARTICLES ALSO INTERVIEWS WITH PRO-GAMERS AND other CS:GO MOGULS 🙂

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