MARVEL’S MIDNIGHT SUNS: Marvels “answer” on X-COM has finally got a release date

Just over a month after the game’s previous postponement, Marvel’s Midnight Suns has finally been given a “final” launch date, December 2th this year. The game will then come to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows, while the planned previous-generation versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will have to wait a little longer. The postponement in August is the second in a row, so we take “finally” with a pinch of salt here, but the hope is that the game will be ready before Christmas.

Midnight Suns is developed by Firaxis Games, is a slightly different superhero game, and has, among other things, taken inspiration from the modern XCOM games.

Here, the player uses card-based abilities and powers in turn-based battles, where both supervillains, demons, and mercenaries have to take a bite out of each other.

The game has a large selection of heroes to play as, with Doctor Strange, Blade, Ghost Rider and Wolverine being some of the most high-profile. Apart from the battles, you can also explore parts of the universe freely, while also getting to know your allies.

How awesome doesn’t this sound like :). I already have a favorite player in sight :).

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