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  1. Guest98892 or just user
    Could you tell us how far you are with the project.
    What is the motive of the game?

    1. yep, only nobody plays 1.6 anymore, maybe in a bungalow in some jungel, but not normal.
      CS:GO on the other hand, with SO many players, events, tournaments, Pro`matches and the introduction of skins etc completely change everything.
      I was a betatester with the original cs:team with Minh Le (Gooseman), and Cliffe (Jesse) fro VT Tech in 1999, playing at cs_siege, omg i miss that map. But i thiiink this is the oldest games that have been evolved over SO long time, from a Half-Life mod to getting sold to Valve/Steam.
      And it`s still one of the MOST played FPS games in the world in 2022 =), 20 coin is insane to get though in the inventory :). Later bud.

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