Claims the Bayonetta actress was offered more than she’s claiming

Hellena Taylor called for a boycott of the series’ latest installment.

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Actress Hellena Taylor made headlines this weekend when she accused Bayonetta developer Platinum Games of offering her a pittance to reprise her role in Bayonetta 3. Instead, Jennifer Hale took over the job, and Taylor called for a boycott.

Now, new allegations have emerged in the case, which claim that Taylor was offered far more than she claims

According to Taylor, she was offered $4,000 for the whole acting job. However, this is rejected by sources who have spoken to Bloomberg. They claim the offer was $3,000 to $4,000 per recording session, with a total of five scheduled sessions.

According to the anonymous sources, Taylor is said to have asked for a six-figure total plus additional revenue based on sales of Bayonetta 3. The developer would not agree to that, and after several rounds of negotiations, the collaboration was broken.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Taylor says this is a pure lie from a developer trying to save skin. She further writes that she now wants to put the whole thing behind her.

In the wake of Taylor’s accusations, both Hale and Platinum Games CEO Hideki Kamiya have had to endure harassment and much criticism on social media. Hale is bound by a non-disclosure agreement and cannot comment on the matter, but asks people to be kind to each other.

Platinum Games has not made an official statement on the matter, and Nintendo has not responded to’s request for a comment either.

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