The Mario movie’s Mario is an enormous brick major

Our beloved plumber can barely keep up in the new trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie | “Mushroom Kingdom” | Official Movie Clip

During last night’s The Game Awards show, Nintendo and Illumination presented another look at their upcoming Mario film.

It was Keegan-Michael Key, the voice of Toad, who had the honor of sharing a short clip from the movie’s version of Mushroom Kingdom. The clip can be seen at the top of the article.

The video continues to portray Mario as a rank brick major. Apparently, the movie takes place early in Mario’s platforming career, because here at least he has never jumped over a single Goomba in his entire life.

This is the second trailer for the Mario movie to come in just a short time. At the end of November, we got to see both Princess Peach and Donkey Kong in action, voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy and Seth Rogen respectively.

The cast also includes Jack Black as Bowser, Charlie Day as Luigi, and of course Chris Pratt as Mario.

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