Sony says it will be easier to get hold of the PlayStation 5 in 2023

The console has sold 30 million copies.


The PlayStation 5 is best known as the console that’s almost impossible to get hold of. Even two years after the console’s launch, it’s pretty much impossible to go to the store and buy one, but that’s about to change.

During the technology fair CES – which was held in Las Vegas this week – PlayStation boss Jim Ryan told (via Polygon) that the major console shortage will soon be a thing of the past.

-For anyone who wants a PlayStation 5, it should now be much easier to find one in the store, Ryan said.

Sony’s optimism comes after a very solid month for the PlayStation 5 in December.

-The supply of PlayStation 5 improved towards the end of last year. I’m pleased to share that December was the biggest month ever for sales of PlayStation 5 consoles. We have now sold more than 30 million machines to consumers worldwide.

The figure is an increase from 25 million consoles sent out to stores – and not necessarily sold to customers – from September 30, 2022. Sony has thus sold around five million PlayStation 5 machines during the last three months.

As industry analyst Daniel Ahmad writes on Twitter, the PlayStation 5 got off to a slower start than its predecessor, the PlayStation 4. Lately, however, the latest console has done better.

During its CES presentation, Sony also unveiled a new PlayStation 5 controller dubbed Project Leonardo. This is PlayStation’s answer to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, thus becoming a controller designed to be more usable for players with various disabilities.

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