Ramattra is going to be the next Overwatch 2 hero

The next season of the game gets both a new map and a new hero.

Ramattra Origin Story | Overwatch 2

Blizzard is already busy adding new content to its newest game, Overwatch 2.

The second season kicks off on December 6, but we’ve already been given a lot of information about what’s to come – from rebalancing heroes and new skins, to a brand new map called Shambali Monastery.

However, the new hero Ramattra gets the most attention. He is described as an Omnic leader from the Null Sector, and a terrorist who will avenge and defend his people at all costs.

The background story can be seen in the trailer at the top.

The gameplay trailer for Ramattra also shows him to be a tank with two different forms, with a corresponding shift in abilities and playstyle – one for tactical defense, and one for more brutal close combat. The hero has been described as an exciting mix of familiar and new material.

Blizzard Entertainment

This trailer can be seen below.

Blizzard Entertainment

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