“Need for Speed Unbound” is fronted by a convicted rapper

There have long been rumors (and the occasional screenshot) of the next “Need for Speed” game, and now EA is finally unveiling it.

“Need for Speed Unbound” will launch on December 2nd for PS5, Xbox Series S/X and PC.

We have received the first trailer, which shows a more animated style than in previous games in the series – and which reveals that the game is fronted by the American rapper Rakim Athelston “A$AP Rocky” Mayers.

This is in the game’s single-player part, where you have to challenge and win over drivers in the underground of the fictional city of Lakeshore City – including Mayers.

EA Games
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Mayers, as some may remember, was arrested and sentenced during his tour in Sweden after he and several others in his entourage attacked and beat up a person in Stockholm in 2019. The case generated a lot of attention internationally, and then-President Donald Trump asked for Mayers’ release.

He was charged in August by the police in Los Angeles for first threatening a person with a gun in Hollywood – and then firing two shots at the same person. Police say Mayers put both the person and bystanders in mortal danger!. What a nice guy eh PeepZ ? 🙂

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