MASS EFFECT 5: New hint on the next Mass Effect

Bioware released a cryptic announcement about the game.


7 November is the so-called N7 day, when the Mass Effect series celebrates itself. As usual, the day was marked with various Mass Effect-related news, including a hint about the next game.

Via EA’s website, Mass Effect boss Mike Gamble shared a picture of a half-finished Relay station – which is used by ships to move from place to place in the galaxy at lightning speed. Along with the picture came a video, with various secret messages for fans to decipher.

That job didn’t take long, and when the code was resolved Bioware released a new version of the video. Here we can hear Lara T’soni – known from previous Mass Effect games – in conversation with a geth, the series’ familiar thugs throughout several games.

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– I can see that. How did we miss this? … Exactly, the Council will be furious. But they should know better than to underestimate human resilience, says T’soni.

Exactly what the two are talking about is currently unclear, but we’ll probably get an answer to that as the game approaches launch.

Bioware hasn’t said anything about when we can expect the next Mass Effect, which doesn’t have an official title yet. In connection with the N7 day, Gamble said that the team is still making progress, but that the game is still only in the pre-production phase.

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