-“We reject this distortion of the truth and the selective presentation of incomplete “facts”

Bethesda hits back at Doom Eternal composer’s mistreatment allegations.

Bethesda Softworks

Last week, composer Mick Gordon lashed out at id Software and especially chief producer Marty Stratton. Gordon claimed that he was subjected to bad behavior while working on the Doom Eternal soundtrack, and that Stratton subsequently lied about problems related to that work.

Now id owner Bethesda is hitting back, and in its own statement the company claims that Gordon is running on falsehoods.

-Distortion of the truth

Bethesda describes Gordon’s claims as “a one-sided and unfair version of a professional relationship that is beyond repair.” The company, therefore, gives its full support to Stratton and the rest of the id Software team.

– We know all the details and the history of this matter and give our full support to Mary, [Doom Eternal sound director Chad Mossholder] and the team at id Software. We reject this distortion of the truth and the selective presentation of incomplete “facts”.

The article continues below the Twitter message.

Furthermore, Bethesda claims it can prove Gordon is lying. The company would not disclose this evidence for the time being, but it is supposed to be ready to reveal everything in “an appropriate forum if necessary”.

Bethesda also refers to the harassment and threats directed at Stratton and the rest of the id team as a result of Gordon’s claims. This is unacceptable, writes the company, and warns of consequences for anyone who crosses the line.

It is worth pointing out that Gordon has always been clear that fans should not start any hate campaign against either Stratton or anyone else involved. Gordon also wrote that the Doom Eternal team is a great bunch, who deserve all the praise they’ve received for their work on the game.

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