shox is leaving Apeks

There was no sunny history for either Apeks or the French legend.


A lot of eyebrows were raised when Apeks brought French Counter-Strike legend Richard “shox” Papillon to their main team.

The Frenchman had before that time figured in Team Liquid, where many believed the Frenchman showed signs of stagnation. Nevertheless, there was no doubt that the former major winner brought enormous experience to the Norwegian organization.

Disagreement in the visions in-game

In a press release published on Apeks’ Twitter profile, the organization writes that they are allowing the Frenchman to explore other opportunities and that he will not be part of the team in the future.


Thus, the line-up is down to four men, who bring the organization out on a new hunt for the fifth piece in the puzzle. For the time being, it is unknown who is relevant for the Norwegian organization that write that they are actively looking for a new player

These are the remaining players in Apeks:

  •  Tim «nawwk» Jonasson
  • Joakim «jkaem» Myrbostad
  • Martin «STYKO» Styk
  • Justinas «jL⁠» Lekavicius

  • Jakub «kuben⁠» Gurczynski (Couch)

Lost their first Major

Last month Apeks surprised many when they opted to withdraw their main team from all competitions. The speculation concerned whether the weak results in, among other things, the major qualifiers would lead to drastic changes in the line-up.

For Papillon, it was most likely very disappointing to miss the Rio Major, which will be the first without the French legend’s participation. This means that only Danish legend Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen has participated in every single Major organized by Valve since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was launched.

With today’s news, it is confirmed that the results have not been as desired in Apeks and that the decision to withdraw the team from all competitions has also given the organization time to consider player replacements. Thus, there were only 46 active days in an Apeks kit for the Frenchman, from when the team announced the new signing on 12 August, until they withdrew the team from all competitions on 26th September.

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