“Don’t look especially good”

That’s what Jesper “Jimbo” Kamsrud thinks before the match against Apeks Rebels

It’s ready for the fifth series round of the Telia League in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The battles for the play-offs will be decided, and on Monday, number one and two in the table will meet in a real top match, when Apeks Rebels meet SKADE X

Both teams have won four out of four so far, and both teams have +6 in map difference. Nevertheless, Jesper “Jimbo” Kamsrud believes that they should go out victorious on Monday evening

“Will have a tough time!”.

“The match against Apeks Rebels should, like the rest of the matches we have left, go quite smoothly. They share first place with us, but of the matches I have followed, they have not looked particularly good, Kamsrud says.”

“They haven’t met any of the top teams yet, and I think they will have a tough time in those games, concludes Siddis.”

“Also with a win, SKADE X will seriously secure first place in the series, which means that they themselves choose their opponents during the play-offs”. Apeks Rebels coach Torbjørn “mithR” Nyborg agrees that SKADE X are favourites, but can also tell of a good charge for Apek`s hopefuls.

The round’s main match is a real bottom match where both Oilers and Foxed fight for their first points for the season.

So GLHF boys!.

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