Heartache for Apeks during Fragadelphia last night

After missing the qualifiers for the major tournament in Rio, LAN tournament in Fragadelphia was the next step for the main team of Apeks.

The Norwegian organization signed both Justinas “jL” Lekavicius and Richard “shox” Papillon in August, but was still considered one of the favorites ahead of the tournament.

Wakes up early against BIG’s academy team

Richard “shox” Papillon had a bit of a rough start in the early rounds of qualifying for the main event and found it much tougher than expected in the final round of the upper bracket. Here, BIG Academy was waiting, which, like the Norwegian organization, had traveled across the pond to compete. BIG won 16-9 at Mirage, but Apeks battled back to a tie and overtime in game two.

Here, quadruple overtime was played, where the academy team eventually won 28-24.
Apeks had a much easier task in the next fight against Snakes Den and won 16-1 and 16-6.

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  1. Aww, Better luck next time guys!. Well played by Snakes Den also.!

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