Bioware released a cryptic announcement about the game. 7 November is the so-called N7 day, when the Mass Effect series celebrates itself. As usual, the day was marked with various Mass Effect-related news, including a hint about the next game. Via EA’s website, Mass Effect boss Mike Gamble shared aContinue Reading

New rumors about the game’s planned launching in April. Diablo IV will be released once more next year, but Blizzard has not said anything about when exactly. Now, however, a more exact launch window may have been revealed, if we are to believe recent reports from the rumor mill. AsContinue Reading

There was no sunny history for either Apeks or the French legend. A lot of eyebrows were raised when Apeks brought French Counter-Strike legend Richard “shox” Papillon to their main team. The Frenchman had before that time figured in Team Liquid, where many believed the Frenchman showed signs of stagnation.Continue Reading