The disbandment is preparation for the partnership application process. G Esports (Gen.G) have just made their whole VALORANT roster inactive when team member Noah “jcStani” Smith shared on social media that he is free to explore new opportunities outside of the team. Gen.G however did not say officially that theyContinue Reading

The CS:GO leadership are resetting the player`s ranks with the latest upcoming patch!. The patch also fixes the matchmaking algorithm to attract players back to the official. Valve has announced that is making major advancements to the in-game competitive matchmaking algorithm. The algorithm, called Competitive Skill Groups, is undergoing someContinue Reading

Cloud9 Esports is an esports organization based in California. It was founded as a League of Legends team in 2013. The team was originally a player-owned team before they were acquired by Quanting Gaming in the same year. But after a few weeks, the contract of the players was soldContinue Reading